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Information in English.

The Course
The race start will be at KAPPELHAMN, on the Hallands väderö at 10.00 am. 
Leaving with the boat from Torekov at 09:30am.
The Finish line will be at “Morgon bryggan “ in Torekov.
Torekov Church will be your guideline that you will look for and swim towards.
The course will take you pass Vinga skär (a bird reservation island) after around 1000m., there you will have a chance to have ground under your feets.
Total race distance is  3200m
The course will only be marked with a small number of buoys.
You are asked to keep in line of the buoys and swim to the right of them. This is enabling the rescue boats to oversee the swimmers. 

Start groups
There will be three start groups,.
On registering, state the approximate time it will take you to swim 3200m. Fastest swimmers will start first.

Age limit
The race is open to all ages.
Participation is at your own risk, parents are responsible for their children.

Before start
On the day you will collect your start envelope at:
“Torekov turistbyrå” Hamnplanen 2, 269 77 Torekov
Inside you will find your swimming cap, timing chip, and your tag for your bag.
Collection can be made from Friday prior to the race during opening hours of the tourist office until Sunday morning at the LATEST 09.00 am.

Swimming cap
Your swimming "Torekov Open Water" cap is your proof registration.
You are required to wear the Torekov Open Water cap during the race.
If you have your own swimming cap, you are required to wear the Torekov Open Water above it.
If you withdraw from the course for any reason you are required to surrender your Torekov Open Water cap along with the chip immediately to the crew/officials!
If you don't want to keep your swimming cap, we collect them at the finishing line, to recykle them for next years race!

Tag for your bag
You will find a tag in your race envelope. Attach it to your bag!
Your bag you leave in Torekov by the white lorry parked next to the boat.
The bag will be at the finish line at the completion of the race.
Note that Torekov Open Water not responsible for valuables in the bag.

All participants are insured.

Timing chips will be used during the event and the result will be published on the website at the completion of the race.

Finish line
Finish line is on "Morgon brygga", ensure you cross the finish mats to register your time.
Finish line closes at 12.00 pm. For safety those whom have not completed the race by this time will be assisted to shore.
In the after race area snacks will be a provided.

Course Safety
Safety is responsible of participants.
You must be capable of swimming 3000m, taking into account for weather and tidal conditions that will occur on the day.
The course will be manned by rescue personnel and boats
In Torekov a heated tent will be available if the weather is cold.
You must wear your Torekov Open Water cap throughout the race, if you withdraw or retire from the race, you must immediately notify the crew.
Don’t hesitate to contact any of our crew for assistance or questions on the day. They will help you with anything from cramps to zipping up your wetsuit.
We recommend all inexperienced open water swimmers to swim with a "SaferSwimmer",
and it is recommended that you swim with a swimmer that has more experience than you.
Participants are at all times during the event responsible for their own safety.
Rescue and recovery craft including Sea Rescue, Speedcats, private boats, Stand Up Paddleboards and kayaks will be on the course if you require assistance.

Medical treatment
There will be medical staff in location of Torekov harbor

Changing rooms
There are no changing rooms in Torekov harbor. We recommend that you change to your swimming clothes before you enter the boat to the Väderön.
Warm up properly and stay warm before you step in the water!

There are 6 toilettes in Torekov harbor. There are none on the island.

Prizes and Awards ceremony
The will be a prize ceremony for the first three places in both the female and male classes.



Best place for parking is Olympiagatan, its free parking.

Torekov open water is a seedning race for